Friday, 20 March 2009

NGS at the JISC Conference

If you are attending the JISC conference in Edinburgh next week then be sure to stop by the NGS exhibition stand (no. 28) where Andrew Richards (NGS Executive Director) and Gillian Sinclair (Liaison Officer) will be on hand to answer any questions. So if you want to know how your institution can join the NGS or how you can encourage researchers at your institution to use NGS resources etc then please stop by for a chat!

As well as the exhibition stand there will also be a demonstration of the NGS SARoNGS project. SARoNGS stands for Shibboleth Access to Resources on the NGS and the demo will show how the SARoNGS project is enabling users to gain access to the NGS with their own institutional ID via the Access Management Federation. It will also demonstrate how the NGS is using PERMIS technology from the VPMan project to enable resource providers and projects to control access to individual services within their resource.

The demo will take place on Tuesday on demo stand 4 at 1pm.

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