Wednesday, 25 March 2009

JISC Conference - the aftermath

Well most of the NGS staff have returned from Edinburgh and the JISC conference. The JISC conference is a slightly odd event for the NGS with a large number of librarians and e-learning staff present which isn't really our target audience. However interesting chats were had with several IT staff and leads will be followed up over the next few days.

The SARoNGS demo went ahead yesterday but was affected by the two power cuts at RAL earlier in the day. Plan Z was implemented as all other plans had been exhausted by then but the demo did go ahead! Audiences for the demos were small as they were some distance away from the refreshments but the SARoNGS demo was well received.

I attended the session on "what do researchers want from ICT?" - a question that everyone would like an answer to! I took quite a few notes at the session so hopefully I will have time to write them up properly and to put in some thoughts on the session from a NGS perspective. The notes will be put on here for comment over the next few days so please feel to comment!

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