Monday, 2 March 2009

Hello From Catania

The NGS staff are all here in Catania, Sicily at the EGEE User Forum / OGF 25 / OGF-Europe event. Several of us are currently on the UK and Ireland Federation stand so if you’re here pop by and see us.

Unfortunately most of the NGS material is “still in transit” thanks to the couriers but apparently it should appear today… Fingers crossed. However we do have some very nice NGS t-shirts in several styles to give away! The presentations have started and many sessions are currently underway although apparently many people are only travelling over today.

The weather here is gorgeous at the moment and the lunch being served outside has made the most of this. Coffee and tea has just been served so it’s time to investigate the tea situation. As a non-coffee drinker in Italy, it can sometimes be a struggle!

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