Monday, 22 August 2011

What do you do on the NGS?

It's been a busy month or so even though it's the holidays as this is the ideal time for me to contact many of the NGS users who promised to write user case studies for me regarding their research.

We have a wide range of reseachers who use the NGS as part of their every day research and it's important for the NGS to highlight that our resources aren't just used by the "typical suspects" such as physicists.

Over the last few weeks I've added another 2 user case studies to the NGS website -
Both these case studies demonstrate how the use of NGS resources is helping to speed up research enabling results to be produced and published faster than previously.

Edwards supervisor, Dr Anna Croft praised the NGS, "The NGS has been an excellent resource for many of our research projects. In particular, I have been able to use it with undergraduate researchers and give them a taste of what it is like to work on large computing infrastructures - an experience that has helped some of them secure PhD funding, both here and overseas, to continue in the computational area. When we had teething problems, the support staff were always friendly, helpful and got things working. Because of this support and the flexibility in requesting computing time, the NGS is one of our first ports of call for projects requiring a larger computing resource."

Thank you Anna!

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