Monday, 8 August 2011

On email address in host certificates

Every so often we get questions about email addresses in the names (distinguished names, ie DNs) of host certificates. The problem is that they are deprecated (see the last two paragraphs of section of RFC5280), and they cause all sorts of problems with software which stringifies the DNs because there is no consistent way of doing it (or rather, there are too many consistent ways.) Arguably the software is not coded correctly, but in this case it'd be better to remove the email.

The email is there for historical reasons: when we rekey a certificate we have to give it the same name as before, so that's why it is still there. Dating back ten years or so, the original raison d'ĂȘtre was that before robot certificates, hosts would sometimes run stuff on behalf of users, ie. act as a client, and the email address was meant to give you something to contact when you read the DN in the log file.

The new policy will permit removing the email address from DNs. That's the easy bit.

The trick is to get the software to optionally (at the owner's request) remove the email address from the DN (because some people may genuinely want to keep it, for whatever reason.) Or rather, optionally keep it. The software cannot do this yet.

In fact, it'd be easier to just remove it for all host certificates, or maybe to handle those "manually" who still want to keep it, as with robots for example. If anyone out there has host certificates and depends on email being present in the DN, could you let us know via the usual channels, please? There are no known problems with removing the email address, only with keeping it, but there may of course be unknown problems - there are lots of weird and wonderful things out there.

As for timescale, it'll be ready at the latest when the new (rollover) CA certificates go live at the end of September.

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