Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Avoid meaningless pretty pictures

With the OGF science-in-the-cloud SAUCG workshop closing, it is time to reflect on the many interesting presentations, and try to identify common areas, next steps, etc.

How do we best provision resources for scientists? "Cloud" is a buzzword but there are drivers behind the push for it: increasing resource utilisation (maybe), service provision for small customers (the large, from the service provider perspective, being griddy), dynamically catching up with work and coping with the last-minute work prior to a conference. Lots of projects presented interesting stuff - see the slides - and expect an NGS surgery on the topic. To take this forward we now need to look at roadmaps - eg NIST and SIENA - identify gaps etc.

And the award for the quote-of-the-day goes to Etienne Urbah for the title of this post, and for his recommendation that "Passive sentences should be avoided."

PS. If you pronounce SAUCG "sausage" then it's entirely your own fault.

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