Thursday, 2 September 2010

A flurry of activity

There has been a batch of new speakers recently announced for the NGS Innovation Forum '10 and further information about their presentations are now on the website. The latest presentations are NGS tool demos which will consist of walk-throughs of NGS tools using real research examples so delegates can leave the event with the knowledge of new tools to use in their research.

NGS tool demos
1. Transcriptome Analysis using the NGS User Interface /Workload Management System (UI/WMS) – Jonathan Churchill, NGS, STFC RAL
The UI/WMS is a tool which allows users to easily submit jobs to the whole of the NGS relying on the WMS to chose which NGS resources to use for their jobs. Use of the UI/WMS will be demonstrated with a user case study in which analysis time of mRNA was decreased from a month to less than 12 hours.

2. Accessing the NGS using the Application Hosting Environment (AHE) – Stefan Zasada, UCL
An overview of how access to the NGS can be simplified using the Application Hosting Environment, a lightweight application portal system.

3. Using the HERMES data management tool – David Wallom, NGS, University of Oxford
Here we will show how easy it is to install and connect into various NGS resources to move data between them, your home institution and your desktop.

4. The NGS from the CCP4 desktop – Matteo Turilli, NGS, University of Oxford
The NGS R&D theme have been working to build access to the NGS into the desktop tools that researchers use on a day-to-day basis, in this presentation we look at the example of CCP4: Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography.

We also have a presentation from the Director of the NGS -
The future of the NGS – Neil Geddes, NGS Director, STFC RAL
This presentation will look at the focus of activities for the NGS for the coming 2-3 years and possible longer term opportunities.

Remember that registration for the event is now open and that the call for poster abstracts closes on the 10th of September!

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