Monday, 20 September 2010

All change at All Hands and stats galore!

Like many people I was attending the All Hands Meeting in Cardiff last week and the first EGI Technical Forum meeting which was taking place in Amsterdam, home to the EGI headquarters.

However before I had to leave AHM I did attend some interesting sessions on "Sharing, Collaboration and Interfaces for e-Research" featuring "BlogMyData" which Jason has already mentioned.

I have to thank Andrew Richards, Director of the NGS, for giving my presentation in the "Enhancing Community Intelligence for e-Science" workshop which I unfortunately couldn't attend due to being on a plane to Amsterdam! The organiser Alex Voss had asked me to report on some of the statistics that the NGS collects in its usual day-to-day running. This includes the data from the user application forms, the NGS member sites and much more. The invitation to present on these stats was very timely as we have recently released a new service to users on the NGS homepage.

We have made a selection of statisitics publicly available on the NGS website including statistics by research area, institution, NGS usage over time, funding sources and information sources and more. The link can be found on the right hand side of the home page underneath the latest poll.

Meanwhile at the EGI conference in Amsterdam I met up with the EGI dissemination team for the first time as well other dissemination people from several other NGI's. It's amazing no matter how far apart the countries, we all have the same problems and challenges in getting the word out there about grid computing and hunting down those user success stories! Watch out for more user case studies from all over Europe!

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