Thursday, 10 June 2010

New on the website!

I've been updating the NGS website today with a couple of new things. Well I've actually updated it several times this week - there seems to be a lot going on! I thought I would point the new additions out on here just incase you miss them as there is so much being added at the moment.

We've got a new poll up on the website asking if you would like the NGS to provide an academic cloud service. Now we've all heard a lot about clouds over the last few months as it seems to be the buzzword of the moment but do you really want one? Yes, no , not sure? All answers are welcome and it will take less than 5 secs to record your opinion. See the home page of the NGS website to vote!

I also finished off the 11th edition (yes really...) of the NGS quarterly newsletter this week and it's now up on the website. There is a wide range of articles in the newsletter covering topics such as the EGI and the role the NGS is playing in this, how the NGS is demonstrating global interoperability, a user case study showing how researchers actually use our resources, an introduction to our University of Sheffield member site and much more. It never fails to surprise me just how much is going on at the NGS and how much we have to report back to our users through our newsletter each quarter.

I'm already planning the next edition of the newsletter which will be out in time for AHM so if you have any ideas for articles then please let me know!

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