Monday, 22 March 2010

Can you get your message across?

At the recent OMMI-UK Collaborations workshop, I was involved in the dissemination and outreach session which is hardly surprising as the NGS outreach person! However one of the topics that came up was that people felt they lacked the necessary skills to do outreach, be it getting their message across clearly to communities outwith their own, writing articles other than scientific papers or even just getting peoples attention!

Plans were already afoot at the NGS to tackle this problem as it was an issue that we had previously identified within the community. We are now pleased to say that registration for the event is now open and further details can be found on the NGS website.

The event is designed to give attendees the skills to communicate their work on a non-technical level, clearly and confidently to a wide range of audiences. The event is aimed at everyone who needs to get their message across be it to research peers, students and potential clients within the university community etc.

The event will be held at STFC RAL, Didcot, on the 11th of May and we hope to see you there!

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