Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Blowing your trumpet!

So two NGS roadshows last week down south and both went very well! It's always nice to see our users present their work as it's the best way to really find out what you are all up to out there! Quite often the research presented is literally hot off the machine so the roadshow audiences are getting a truly up to the minute view of research being performed on the NGS.

As the liaison officer it's my job to let the world know what the NGS and it's users are up to so we can advertise your research and our resources through a wide variety of publications, events etc. We have recently had some of our users research featured in SCW (the role of geographic isolation and dispersal limitation in generating high endemic plant species diversity) and in iSGTW in an article on "Supporting the arts and humanities with e-science".

We also feature our users research on our website in our case studies section, posters, research papers etc. If you have anything you would like added into these sections (particularly the research paper section) then please contact me at support@grid-support(dot)ac(dot)uk.

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