Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Renewals available now!

Hopefully you'll have already seen the announcement on one of our many communication channels such as our website, Facebook page or Twitter feed but if not then read on.

Many of you will remember the changes we brought in last year in April 2011.  Due to funding restrictions, we had to reduce the CPU allocation of all users to a maximum of 2000 free cpu hours in one year.  You can read the original announcement on our website.  As we are now a year on, all NGS users can apply for another free 2000 cpu hours.

If you are looking for some proof of concept computing, a "sand pit" area for your PhD students or to test concepts before purcahsing more hours etc then this is an ideal opportunity.

If you have any queries at all then don't hesitate to contact the NGS helpdesk.

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