Thursday, 8 March 2012

Radio silence

It's gone a bit quiet over here at the NGS blog lately mainly because I was completely caught up in writing a bid which took over my life for a few weeks.  As it was all I did for a couple of weeks I didn't have much to blog about.  Hopefully the bid will be successful and we'll have some exciting news for you in the near future!

Apart from that I have been working with colleagues at SSI in preparation for their Collaborations Workshop which will take place on the 21st - 22nd of March.  There has been a great response with maximum attendance and a great range of people attending.  One of the purposes of the workshop is to get researchers and software engineers working networking to find where they can help each other out. There aren't many conferences out there where the aim is to get everyone talking to each other all day instead of just a few people doing the talking!

In completely different news I just posted an article to the NGS website from EGI.  The EGI are showcasing their users research much the same as the NGS user case studies do (wonder where they got the idea from...?).  They are doing their case studies in the form of video interviews and the first one focuses on the research of Henry Hocking of the CONCO project who used the grid to analyse naturally occurring molecules in venoms used by marine snails to immobilise their prey.  You never would have guessed that one!

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