Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Goodbye UKI, hello NGI_UK

At All Hands 2011, in the atrium of the University of York's brand new Ron Cooke Hub conference venue.

On our stand in the middle of the room is a familiar face - helpdesk manager John Kewley - sitting under a slightly less familiar sign.

It doesn't say NGS, or GridPP, although both have posters on display.

The sign says but 'NGI' - aka National Grid Infrastructure - and we have had to to get used to it very quickly.

At  last week's EGI technical forum, what was the UKI ROC - or the UK and Ireland Regional Operation Centre - was offically replaced by two new NGIs called NGI_UK and NGI_IE.

And lots of things broke - including the load monitor and the Nagios testing service.

Names matter. Both the load monitor and Nagios were pulling information about sites and users from the Grid Operations Centre Database. More specifically, they will pulling information about sites and users associated with the UKI ROC.

The UKI ROC is no more: it has no sites or users associated with it.

So... we have spent the last few days tracking down every reference to the 'UKI' in every configuration file for every service and replacing them with NGI_UK.

There were quite a few....

The load monitor is back. We've been working on Nagios today and it should be fully working soon.

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