Friday, 24 June 2011

That's not my cow

With apologies to Terry Pratchett for the title of this blog post...

You may have spotted an unusual picture on the NGS home page this week. What on earth have cows got to do with the NGS? A very good question...

The answer lies in a recent iSGTW article which once again promotes NGS users research to an international audience.

The article featured the work of the GridQTL team at the University of Edinburgh who provide the GridQTL grid-based platform for running gene analysis. GridQTL is used by researchers all over the world and, unbeknown to many of them, all the computing jobs are submitted to the NGS providing a massive speed up in analysis time.

Team leader Dr Sarah Knott explained “It would be very difficult to run this kind of software without grid computing. We have an uncertain user base and the grid provides the flexibility to sustain an adequate speed of analysis, regardless of online users.”

To see a NGS user case study on GridQTL visit the case study section of the NGS website.

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