Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Gathering pace

Preparations for the NGS Innovation Forum are quickly gathering pace. Our call for poster abstracts closed on the 24th of September and the Programme Committee meeting to discuss the abstracts takes place tomorrow. If you have submitted an abstract for the event you will hear the outcome by the end of this week so watch your inbox!

I've also confirmed the last of the speakers so the agenda is now complete although missing one presentation title which will be with us very soon hopefully so watch this space...

In the meantime I can announce details of some other presentations at the event -

NGS site presentation - What the University of Westminster gained from being a NGS Partner Site - Gabor Terstyanszky, University of Westminster
The University of Westminster joined NGS in 2007 as a partner site. Being a partner site is very different than being a core site and this presentation will overview the challenges and experiences of the University of Westminster as a partner site. The presentation will also outline how we identify prospective users at the University of Westminster and what kind of application support and technical services we provide for local users to port and run their applications on NGS resources.

Federated Access to NGS resources - Mike Jones, NGS, University of Manchester
This talk will demonstrate how to use NGS resources using your institutional login credentials (via the UK Access Management Federation). It will describe how the UK's two main eScience authentication systems are combined to form an easy to use yet robust identity management environment. It will discuss how this mechanism links together with system, project and VO registration procedures.

The registration for the event will close on the 12th of November so make sure you register before then!

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