Friday, 20 August 2010

User success stories at the NGS

The programme for the 3rd NGS Innovation Forum is really beginning to come together now. I've managed to secure presentations from 3 NGS users from completely different research areas to talk about how they have used the NGS in their work.

First up we have Zhongwei Guan from the University of Liverpool who leads a research group where many researchers use the NGS. They research into the impact of explosions on aircraft fuselages as well blasts and impacts on concrete amongst many other things. I have seen Zhongwei speak at previous events and his presentations are colourful and interesting!

Next up in a complete change of direction, we have Luke Rendell from the Centre for Social Learning and Cognitive Evolution at the University of St Andrews. Luke came to the NGS to ask for resources to run an international computer tournament on the evolution of learning. The tournament and results were so productive that the resulting paper was published in Science and was featured in New Scientist.

Finally, and by no means least, we have Narcis Fernandes-Fuentes who has used the NGS for several years to discover novel therapeutic agents. Narcis has had his research turned into a NGS user case study as an example of the type of research that can be performed on the NGS.

The deadline for poster abstracts for the event is approaching (10th Sept) so if you would like to submit an abstract and be in with a chance of winning the best poster prize, please submit soon!

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