Wednesday, 19 May 2010

e-Research, e-science, grid, cloud?

No matter what you call it we want to know about your events! We now have an online event submission form for you to submit your events for inclusion on the NGS website.

We know that there are more events taking place that you can keep track of so we aim to include the most relevant ones on our website to make it easier for you.

We want to help organisations advertise their events to our user community and anyone who just happens to be browsing our website! Our user community consists of researchers from all research areas, from the social sciences to particle physics and we also have a large number of people from the more the technical side of the grid such as university IT sys admins etc.

Obviously as we are based in the UK and funded by UK organisations, we really want to hear about UK events or events where a large number of UK people will be in attendance. However all submissions will be considered! All events will be checked to see that they are appropriate for inclusion on the website.

So if you have an event which is e-research related then simply fill in our event submission form and let us know!

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