Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Crime and the grid (and a slight return)

If I thought my journey to Sweden for the last ever EGEE user forum was stressful, little did I know about the return one! Thanks to a volcano it took me 3 days, 7 trains, 41 hours, 6 countries and 2 overnight stays to get home. Not doing that again in a hurry...

So updates from the NGS - not a great deal mainly because I've been away! However we do have a new user case study up on the website . Nick Malleson from the University of Leeds has been using NGS resources to model criminal patterns in Leeds. A really interesting and different use of NGS resources!

A quick reminder as well incase you haven't seen the announcements but the registration for our Communicating Science event will close on Wednesday afternoon so register soon if you want to attend!

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