Tuesday, 9 February 2010

New on the NGS website

There have been some new additions to the NGS website over the last week or so - mainly news stories but hopefully of interest to you all!

Karl Bateman, a NGS user from the University of Manchester, had his research featured as the headline article on iSGTW recently. Karl is researching into how dinosaurs moved, in particular the dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus atokensis which is essentially the same size as a T-Rex. The full article entitled "Answering a truly big question: how did dinosaurs move?" is available on the iSGTW website.

Another article currently featured on the NGS home page refers to the Certificate wizard which has been recently developed by Jens Jensen at the NGS. Basically the article explains how we are making it easier for you to look after your grid certificate!

We also have a new poll on the NGS home page. We'd like to find out who funds the people that visit our website. So if you have a spare second please tick the appropriate box on the front page! You'll find the poll on the home page just below the NGS load monitor. This will give us an indication of who our visitors are funded by.

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