Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Advanced warning!

At long last the NGS based at RAL are ready to move into their new server room. Understandably this will cause some interruption to NGS services but we are aiming to give you as much warning as possible about this.

All the NGS Core Services hosted at RAL (CA, MyProxy, Inca, Ganglia, BDII, NSR, RB, UI and this website) will be interrupted during the move. The move will start on the 8th of June and will last about 8 weeks finishing on the 27th of July. We have planned to reduce the downtime of services to a minimum but services will still be at risk after they are moved. More detailed updates will be available on the NGS-Status mailing list. If you are not already a member of NGS-Status and would like to receive emails on service downtime and status then please join the list as soon as possible!

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