Tuesday, 3 February 2009

NGS sponsored workshop - Modelling protein-carbohydrate recognition in-silico

Modelling protein-carbohydrate recognition in-silico
A Computational Carbohydrate Chemistry workshop
Cavendish Campus,
University of Westminster, London
April 20th-April 24th 2009

Supported by the National Grid Service, this workshop will train participants how to use AMBER, CHARMM and AutoDock to run in silico experiments. It will also teach bioscientists how to model carbohydrate binding proteins and their ligands on the NGS to decrease execution times of experiments using a web-based graphical user interface (GUI), which was developed within the framework of the ProSim project supported by the JISC Engage programme.

The training will be led by Dr. Ross Walker, SDSC, USA and Dr. Michael Crowley, NREL, USA who are both members of the development team for AMBER and CHARMM and Dr. Martin Frank, GCRC, Germany who has experience of using AutoDock in modelling protein-carbohydrate recognition.

For further details and registration please visit the workshop website. Deadline for registration is the 19th of March.

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