Monday, 15 September 2008

And breathe...well not quite (and some big news!)

Has everyone recovered from last week at AHM 2008? I don't think I have and I know that many people don't have time to. I'm back in the office this week to get ready for the EGEE '08 conference next week in Istanbul. Thankfully my workshop,which I've mentioned previously, is all set as far as I can tell. Just the complicated logistics now of getting the promotional literature sent over for the UK and Ireland Federation stand on which the NGS will be displaying. Oh and writing my presentation....

The other BIG news is that registration has opened for the NGS Innovation Forum '08. It's a 2 day event which will be held in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MoSI) on the 4th - 5th November. The event is free to attend (yes FREE) and we are pleased to announce that Daniel Katz who has recently been appointed TeraGrid GIG (Grid Infrastructure Group) Director of Science, will be speaking at the event.

There will also be presentations by NGS users on how the NGS has become a powerful research tool for them, presentations on novel technologies available through the NGS and of course NGS staff will be on hand to speak to users.

The second day will be run in conjunction with Campus Grid SIG and will focus on the benefits of joining the NGS as well as technical requirements.

Although the event is free to attend, registration is required at the NGS website. There is also a Facebook event page. Everyone who is interested in the NGS is encouraged to attend as well as current, past and potential users. Please feel free to spread the word at your institution about the event!

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