Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Hello from Imperial College London. I've taken the plunge and it looks as though I'm the first to post on the new NGS blog.

I'm currently at the BioSysBio conference (http://conferences.theiet.org/biosysbio/) down in London. The NGS has an exhibition stand here and I've been here since Monday morning. The exhibition stands couldn't be further away from the delegates if they tried which is a shame but I have managed to talk to some interested people including a research group leader who needs more compute resources. Turned out he wasn't even attending the conference but was passing through on his way to buy a coffee!

I have made an interesting press contact who can hopefully help me spread the word about research done on the NGS and our user case studies.

Thankfully this is the last of a whole series of conferences this month and I'm looking forward to getting back to the office for a while.

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